Woodbroke’s courses and study packs

Woodbrooke, based in Birmingham UK, runs a number of courses on sustainability and climate change; both onsite and online. You can find the latest courses here –  and then search using the ‘Quick Course Finder’ under Adventurous Living. Woodbrooke has also produced a number of study packs for meetings and other Quaker groups. These resources were produced as part of Woodbrooke’s Good Lives project and are available for free online here.

Local Community Engagement: Transition Town Bridport

Local community engagement is key in communicating the realities of climate change and how to take action against its effects. Joe Burlington, a Quaker from Dorset, has made a one-page handout for his local Transition Town group with some useful information on the realities of climate change, important positive developments, what actions to take and some angles to take in conversations with climate change deniers. Click below to download the handout:

Handout: TRANSITION TOWN BRIDPORT – A good place for our children?