Freedom From Fossil

Are you concerned about the progress (or lack of it) in technology to solve our energy crisis? Freedom From Fossil Fuels is a not-for-profit organisation that has been set up to openly research and develop simple new solutions and publish them. Check out their website as well as their YouTube video “Zero Waste Docked Mode”. The video explores how we can reduce global carbon emissions by 40% by using Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles to generate our electricity and heat our homes and offices at the same time. All this is explained further in the book called Simple new ways to solve our energy crisis. Part 1: Transport Systems’ available on Amazon UK and USA.

One thought on “Freedom From Fossil

  1. Why has an idea like Zero Waste Docked Mode for vehicles (ZWDM, which is so simple) been ignored for over 10 years? The benefits it would bring within just 30 years would include:
    1) Reduction of over 40% in global energy consumption
    2) Reduction of over 40% in global CO2 emissions
    3) Complete filtration of exhaust gases from transport and electricity generation improving our air quality
    4) Many sustainable jobs manufacturing, installing and maintaining the simple vehicle-building docking devices
    5) Significant financial savings to households because the thermal energy requirements of the building (heating and hot water) are provided as a free waste product from the vehicle engine saving the household 1000’s of pounds or dollars every year
    6) 100% reliable electricity supply no longer susceptible to blackouts
    7) Electricity supply with lower transmission energy losses
    8) Electricity supply able to ramp up and down to meet demand in seconds
    9) Vehicle engines only running at their optimum energy efficient RPM
    10) A new opportunity to capture CO2 from transport and electricity production
    11) Vehicles that have longer driving ranges compared to electric vehicles
    12) A vehicle-building combination that puts to use 100% of the energy in the fuel that is used to power the vehicle engine (current petrol and diesel engine cars use only about 10% of the energy in their fuel to propel the vehicle, the other 90% is simply dumped into the atmosphere as waste heat, but this Zero Waste Docked Mode system captures and uses all the energy in vehicle fuel with zero waste)
    13) Solves the need to increase electricity generating capacity that pure electric vehicles are going to cause the need to create in the near future because of the high demands they put on the Grid when charging
    14) Ends the illusion that electric vehicles are zero emission when they are only zero tailpipe emission – electric vehicles do result in less energy being consumed but they do cause emissions because electricity generation relies heavily on fossil fuels
    15) Significantly reduces the number of power stations required, so it avoids the need to build new ones and enables older inefficient coal fired power stations to be decommissioned
    16) Can be implemented in a scalable way one vehicle and building at a time so there is very little lead time to realising these benefits
    17) There is no ‘magic step’ in technology required, all the technology to do this has been around for many years
    18) It would only cost approximately 500,000 pounds or dollars, and only about 2 years to bring this to market

    So if these benefits are what we are looking for then why is this idea not being funded and researched when the benefits it delivers are so significant and it is so simple? One person who has read this book said that sometimes the answer to a major problem can be so close to the end of your nose that you don’t realise it is there.
    The ideas in the book ‘Simple new ways to solve our energy crisis. Part 1: Transport Systems’ need sharing far and wide in the hope that one day they will cross the path of the right people who will ensure their implementation for the benefit of everyone and our planet


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