The Irish Eco-congregations on Ecumenical Approaches to Climate Change


The Eco-Congregation Ireland (ECI) encourages churches of all denominations, which also include the Quakers to take an eco approach to worship, lifestyle;e, finance and property management, community outreach and contact with the developing world in order to prevent further damage to the environment.

Think Globally, Act Locally … Be the Change!

ECI provides ‘eco tips’ that we can all take at the individual level, but keeping in mind the the impacts that climate change has at the global level. Here are a few of many eco tips that we should all consider:

  • Shop intelligently
  • Adopt the Live Well Diet and learn to eat sustainably
  • Don’t waste food
  • Pick up a piece of litter every day
  • Walk/cycle or take public transport
  • Buy fair trade

The May 2017 edition of the Eco Congregation Ireland newsletter is now available to read  online with stories from different congregations, parishes, and meetings, plus much more information on climate action at the spiritual level.

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